Assembly Majority Avoids Removal of Gov. Cuomo’s Emergency Powers

A statement from Assemblyman Brian Manktelow (R,C,I-Lyons)

 “It is embarrassing that despite the nursing home scandal, the sexual harassment investigations and other missteps, the Assembly Majority continues to support the governor and refuses to take away his emergency powers that have been unquestionably abused. Last week we were barely in session for more than three hours over the course of three days. This week, they cancel session last minute, most likely because we attached an amendment to every bill calling for the removal of Gov. Cuomo’s powers. Our job as legislators is to serve the people of our districts, and right now, those who are avoiding holding the governor accountable for his actions are failing in their duties as members of the Assembly. Removing the governor’s powers is the logical first step in holding him accountable, and something we should have done months ago. Seeing as we have support for this and calls for his resignation are coming from both sides of the aisle; the Assembly Majority needs to step up and do what is right.”