Assemblywoman Woerner: Historic Hudson-Hoosic Partnership Measures Pass the Legislature

Legislation will permit the construction of a visitor center in Schuylerville, provide access to state funding

Recognizing the importance of tourism, preservation of historic and natural resources, and economic development in Saratoga and Washington counties, Assemblywoman Carrie Woerner (D-Round Lake) announced that the legislature has passed two measures she authored to support the Historic Hudson-Hoosic Partnership. One measure will allow it to move forward with construction of the Old Saratoga Gateway Visitor Center in Schuylerville, and the other will provide access to state funding (A.5079/S.1194; A.5076-A/S.1195-A).

“Every year, the number of visitors to our region is increasing, and they want to know about this area’s unique cultural, historic, and natural resources,” said Assemblywoman Woerner. “The visitor center will help promote tourism across the region, encourage preservation of our historic and natural sites, and stimulate economic growth in our communities.”

The partnership’s new visitor center will be located on land on Route 29 near the Hudson River formerly occupied by the Saratoga Town Hall. In order to complete this landmark project, the Historic Hudson-Hoosic Partnership needed to have the ability to hold title to land, appoint and remove officers, agents and employers, and seek and retain counsel and contractors. Assemblywoman Woerner’s proposed law will vest the Partnership with these abilities and ensure that this important project moves forward.

The second measure by Assemblywoman Woerner, also approved by the full Legislature, will allow the Partnership to have access to a permanent source of funding to fund its many current and future projects. This will ensure the long-term viability of the visitor center and allow the partnership to fulfill its public mission.

The Historic Hudson-Hoosic Rivers Partnership was formed in 2006 and includes various municipalities and not-for-profit organizations in Washington, Saratoga, and Rensselaer counties. The group’s mission is to promote, protect, and preserve regional farmland, heritage, and natural resources. The Partnership has helped strengthen our region’s economy by promoting tourism and increasing our quality of life, noted Assemblywoman Woerner.