Press Releases

Assemblywoman Woerner’s Bill to Help Create Jobs in Rural Communities Moves Forward

Assemblywoman Woerner: 2018-19 State Budget Delivers for Our Communities

Assemblywoman Woerner Pushes Bill Supporting New Farmers and Preserving Farmland

Assemblywoman Woerner: Let’s Focus on Fundamentals in 2018

Town Hall Meetings with Assemblywoman Carrie Woerner

Assemblywoman Woerner: Three Pieces of Legislation Signed into Law

Assemblywoman Woerner Creates New Wine Trail in Upstate New York

Assemblywoman Woerner’s Bill Signed into Law, Brings More Locally Grown Food to Community

Assemblywoman Woerner Welcomes Arrival of Ride-Hailing Services

Assemblywoman Woerner’s Legislation to Support Saratoga Casino Hotel Passes Assembly

Assemblywoman Woerner’s Bill Allows Malta to Set Speed Limits, Making Roads Safer for Residents

Assemblywoman Woerner’s Legislation Helps Strengthen Snowmobile Trails Across New York State

Assemblywoman Woerner Pushing to Lower Insurance Costs for Agritourism Businesses

Assemblywoman Woerner Votes to Eliminate LLC Loophole

Assemblywoman Woerner to Host Community Town Halls

Assemblywoman Woerner Supports Legislation to Block Nuclear Plant Bailout

Assemblywoman Woerner’s Plan to Boost Job Growth in Rural Areas Included in Assembly Budget Proposal

Assemblywoman Woerner: Assembly State Budget Proposal Privatizes NYRA

Assemblywoman Woerner: Tax Cut for Small Businesses to be Included in Assembly Budget Proposal

Assemblywoman Woerner Seeks Nominations for Women of Distinction Awards