Assemblywoman Woerner: Let’s Focus on Fundamentals in 2018

January 3, 2018

“As we return to Albany for this year’s legislative session, I will be continuing my work to support the families and businesses of Saratoga and Washington counties. New York State government must focus on the fundamentals, like ensuring healthy, locally grown food, safe drinking water, and affordable healthcare for all.

“As the representative for New York’s 113th Assembly District, it is my privilege and honor to serve my constituents with respect and transparency. I will always support legislative reforms that ensure every public official serves with the same ethical rigor that I do. Disclosing financial sources for online political ads is one way to create more transparency. We must also close the LLC loophole to remove dark money from elections – a measure I voted for during last year’s legislative session. Voters deserve to know where ads are coming from and rest assured that their representatives answer to the public, not to corporations.

“I have been a proud and vocal advocate for thorough dredging of the Hudson River by General Electric (GE) since taking office. I fully support the governor’s proposal calling on the federal Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to require more cleanup of toxic PCB contamination in the Hudson River. With the health of our families and our communities at stake, this issue is more important than ever.

“We must also work together to create safer work environments. Sexual harassment in the workplace has been an ongoing issue for generations, and stricter policies to ensure that employees can always feel comfortable at work are long past due. No one should have to sacrifice their safety and well-being for a paycheck.

“I look forward to crafting new legislation to keep our region and state moving forward in the upcoming legislative session.”