Friend Joins Students From Elmira Heights School District

February 15, 2013

Front row, left to right, Assemblyman Christopher S. Friend, Alyssa Griffin, Ivan Pompolo, Sam Martone, Courtney Garrison, Kayla Coolbaugh, Ryan Willard; Middle row, Robert Hewlett, Bridget Murphy; Back row, Superintendent Mary Beth Fiori, Robert Townsend, Joe Sullivan, Nate Sams, Conner White, Deb Palmer, Alexis Briggs, Paul Richmond

Assemblyman Christopher S. Friend (R-Big Flats) met with students and officials from the Elmira Heights School District when they recently visited Albany. The students came to share their concerns and ideas for improving their school with legislators, legislative staff and SED staff.

“I always enjoy having the chance to show students interested in the workings of government what happens inside the State Capitol and how it can affect everyone across the state,” said Friend. “Our state government is a very complex system, the amount of work and time spent to create just a single law is astonishing. I am very pleased that these students and their teachers came to visit me here in Albany.”