Press Releases

Friend Concerned By The Ethical Loophole Created By Bill Which Would Allow For Childcare To Be Paid With Campaign Funds

Friend: Bill Promised To Help Minority And Women-Owned Businesses Does So At The Expense Of Small Rural Municipalities And Taxpayers

Friend Stands With Family Farmers Against Devastating Downstate Assembly Bill

Friend: The Assembly Majority Weakens Security And Safety By Giving Illegal Immigrants Driver’s Licenses

Friend: Incentivizing Illegal Immigrants With Driver’s Licenses Hurts New York

Friend: An Investigation Needed To See Why Medicaid Is Illegally Paying $63,000 for Sexual Dysfunction Drugs

Friend Says the Assembly Majority’s Removing Tipped Wages Is Bad for Car Wash Workers

Friend: Downstate Politicians Coddle Criminals With Proposed $10 Minimum Wage For Cons

Friend: Assembly Majority Protects Law-Breaking Illegal Immigrants over the Law and Safety Of New Yorkers

Friend Supports Legislation Helping New Yorkers With Disabilities

Friend Opposes Majority Efforts To Erode New York’s Double Jeopardy Protections

Friend Rejects Majority Legislation Allowing For The Release of an Individual’s State Tax Returns To U.S. Congress

Friend Stands With Crime Victims Calling For The Passage Of Ramona’s Law

Friend Decries Efforts by The Assembly Majority to Prohibit Employers from Conducting Criminal Background Checks

Friend Opposes Efforts to Prematurely Parole 55-Year-Old Criminals

Friend and Minority Colleagues Create Petition Urging Passage of Scholarships for Gold Star Families

Friend: Governor’s Prison Closures Is Dangerous Policy

Friend Legislation Providing Scholarships To Gold Star Children Met Rejection By Assembly Majority

Friend Slams the Assembly Majority for Killing His Public Officers Accountability Act

Budget Gets An “F” For Failing To Serve Upstate And Southern Tier