Friend Calling for Solutions For All Regions of NY in Covid-19 Recovery

Statement from Assemblyman Christopher S. Friend (R,C,I-Big Flats)
May 26, 2020

“This week, Majority legislative leaders are putting forward a few dozen COVID-19-related bills which are heavily focused on the needs of New York City while largely ignoring items that will help upstate New Yorkers. We, too, have been in the midst of the pandemic, closing our businesses to help flatten the curve, keeping our farms operational to keep food on tables throughout New York and sending our first responders and nurses to help our friends downstate. New York’s pandemic response was a collective effort from all regions of the state, yet the legislation this week does not reflect that.

“I am frustrated that there is no legislation addressing the abysmal lag in the unemployment system which has left my constituents without income for several weeks. I find it difficult to understand why there is no help for small-business owners, family farmers or landlords who have been without needed rent to maintain housing for their tenants. Early during the crisis I saw how the stay-at-home orders were affecting our local businesses, I proposed the “Small Business Recovery Act of 2020,” which outlined relief and aid to small businesses, and it was not picked up by the Majority. We proposed similar relief for farmers and even looked at stabilizing rental housing, and still Majority has not included our proposals. All of these people have been neglected by the Majority-led Legislature in favor of schemes to release more dangerous prisoners in our state, open our elections to fraud and prioritize downstate. We must put forward solutions for all regions of our state, as we all are playing a part in the fight against COVID-19.”