Governor Approves Lupardo-Kennedy Autocycle Bill

Bill allows three-wheeled vehicles to be operated without a motorcycle license

Albany, NY – Drivers of autocycles will no longer need to have a motorcycle license under legislation signed by Governor Kathy Hochul. The bill, A7192A/S6335, sponsored by Assemblywoman Donna Lupardo and Senator Tim Kennedy, would bring NYS in line with 48 other states that do not require a motorcycle license to operate an autocycle. On February 24, the Governor approved an amendment to the main bill that passed in June. It makes it clear that the definition of autocycle includes green electric vehicle models that have a steering mechanism instead of a steering wheel.

Despite its classification as a motorcycle under federal and state law, the operation of an autocycle is similar to an automobile, with the driver seated inside rather than straddling a steering mechanism. It also uses pedals for the gas, brake and clutch. A motorcycle license could still be used to operate an autocycle, however it would no longer be necessary.

Assemblywoman Donna Lupardo said, “We have worked on this bill for a number of years in order to bring it across the finish line. This will open up the autocycle market to a much wider customer base. Seniors in particular, wanted to have this option, but questioned their ability to obtain a motorcycle license. Thank you to Senator Kennedy for his partnership and to Governor Hochul for her support.

Senator Tim Kennedy, Chair of the Senate Transportation Committee said, "Through this legislation, we're bringing New York State in line with many other states across the nation, while simultaneously strengthening accessibility for autocycle drivers and investing in sustainable models of transportation. I'm proud to champion this alongside Assemblymember Lupardo and thank Governor Hochul for making this a priority and signing this bill into law."

Mike Dougherty, the President of Motorcycles, Polaris said, “Thanks to the dedicated effort of Assemblymember Lupardo and Senator Kennedy, small business powersports dealers and their Slingshot customers from across New York State stand to benefit from this important legislation.”

Mark Frohnmayer, CEO and Founder of Arcimoto said, "Excelsior! We applaud the great state of New York for passing this important legislation.This will allow New Yorkers to drive the FUV with a standard driver’s license, which will give thousands more drivers access to our zero-emission electric vehicles, which is critical to reducing CO2 emissions and leading to increased electric vehicles on the roads of New York. Arcimoto wishes to thank Governor Kathy Hochul, State Senator Tim Kennedy, and Assemblymember Donna Lupardo for their leadership on this critical piece of legislation and commends them on it being signed into law."