Lupardo’s State Green Building Construction Act passes Assembly

Urges Senate action

In response to rising energy costs and new developments in green technology, Assemblywoman Donna Lupardo (D-Endwell) sponsored legislation requiring that green building standards be met for new construction or substantial renovation of all New York State government buildings, including all state agencies and public authorities (A.11537). Today, this measure passed the Assembly.

“Green buildings use resources, including energy, water, materials and land more efficiently and effectively and provide healthier environments for working, learning and living,” Lupardo said. “They also minimize the negative environmental consequences and produce less waste. This is a common-sense measure that we can all benefit from.”

Under Lupardo’s legislation, all new construction and substantial renovation projects undertaken by the state must comply with the United States Green Building Council Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design Silver Rating Level.

“Green buildings give employees a healthier indoor work environment by improving air ventilation and using alternative materials that do not negatively affect the air quality,” Lupardo said. “By building green, the state also saves money by reducing construction costs and creating sustainable buildings.”

Lupardo – a member of the New York State Assembly Environmental Conservation Committee – noted that the state should be doing more to implement energy saving technologies in response to rising energy prices. This legislation will increase participation in the program by encouraging future developments to follow green building practices and save the state money.

“Several other large states already have policies that require green building practices for public buildings,” Lupardo said. “New York must remain on the forefront of technological and developmental advances – and considering the gas and energy crisis we are facing, green building construction is a must.”

Lupardo urged the State Senate to take up the measure before session ends.