Lupardo & Endicott Debut New Street Sweeper

Assemblywoman & Village Encourage National Clean Up Day Efforts

As National Clean Up Day approaches, Assemblywoman Donna Lupardo and the Village of Endicott unveiled new equipment assisting in the maintenance of Village streets. Lupardo was able to secure $184,000 to purchase a new street sweeper, part of a larger Assembly State and Municipal Facilities (SAM) grant to improve public safety and public works efforts in Endicott.

“Clean neighborhoods improve the quality of life for all residents,” Lupardo said. “It also makes the area more attractive to visitors and potential business investors, as well as enhancing public safety. I’m glad I was able to help the Village with the purchase of this equipment.”

In addition to the street sweeper, another $166,000 was invested in the Village as part of the grant. Lupardo and Village officials previously announced new police and fire vehicles to support and improve public safety.

Public works crews have already been using the new equipment around the Village and Friday’s announcement coincides with the upcoming National Clean Up Day, which will be recognized on Saturday, September 21st. Lupardo and Endicott leaders are encouraging residents across Broome County to do their part next Saturday by cleaning up around their own homes and neighborhoods, or by joining a local community clean up. To join a clean-up event or start your own, visit the National Clean up Web site.