Letter to Endicott Mayor Linda Jackson Regarding SungEel Battery Recycling Facility

Hon. Linda Jackson, Mayor
Village of Endicott
1009 East Main Street
Endicott, NY 13760

Dear Mayor Jackson,

I just noticed that you were not forwarded a copy of the May 18, 2020 letter I sent to Basil Seggos, Commissioner of the Department of Environmental Conservation. I have attached the letter for your record and review. As you will see, I asked him to address a series questions that persist about the SungEel MMC battery recycling facility, including one about PFAS. The letter was sent prior to the DEC’s determination that SungEel’s air state facility permit (ASF) needed to be modified. This was due to a lack of specific information concerning the potential presence of PFAS in the batteries they intend to recycle.

As you may know, Attorney General Letitia James has been investigating PFAS contamination and filed a lawsuit this past November against ten companies over the sale of products that contain these chemicals. In the course of her investigation, the Attorney General recently alerted DEC about the potential presence of PFAS in some lithium-ion batteries. Others have raised the issue of PFAS use in these batteries with the DEC as well.

Given the number of questions that persist about this plant, I am relieved that DEC has paused the proceedings. It is clear that many members of the community are uncomfortable with the project. As I await DEC’s response to my letter, I would encourage everyone, including the company, to be ready, willing and available to answer all of the legitimate questions and concerns that have been brought up, and to act accordingly.

Donna A. Lupardo
Member of Assembly