Assemblywoman Lupardo Announces $250K for Gun Violence Prevention through Youth Development

Funding will go to BCSD, Binghamton Bulldogs & Broome YMCA

(Johnson City, NY – At the Binghamton Bulldog Sports Complex, Assemblywoman Donna Lupardo announced that she helped secure $250,000 in funding from the NYS Office of Children & Family Services (OCFS) to target gun violence prevention through youth development. The funding is part of a statewide effort, announced in July, to provide funding to organizations working in targeted areas like the City of Binghamton.

She was joined by County Executive Jason Garnar, Broome County Parks, Recreation and Youth Services Commissioner Elizabeth Woidt to announce the funding with the organizations that were awarded grants. The Binghamton Central School District will receive $100,000 to hire two youth advocates to work in their high school and middle schools. The Binghamton Bulldogs and Broome YMCA Binghamton branch each will receive $75,000 to support after-school sports programming, scholarships for summer clinics, and evening and weekend community building events between law enforcement and participating youth.

Assemblywoman Donna Lupardo said, “One of the keys to gun violence prevention is targeted interventions aimed at youth development. The organizations receiving these funds have a proven track record of working directly with students in school and community settings. I’d like to thank everyone involved for their ongoing commitment to providing positive role models and enriching activities that can have a life altering impact on the youth they reach.”

Broome County Executive Jason Garnar said, "It's a fact: when we provide quality programming and activities for young people, their chances of committing or becoming a victim of violence are greatly reduced. I'd like to thank Assemblywoman Lupardo for securing this important funding and to our partner agencies who will be working directly with students in the community. Broome County is committed to doing all we can to help provide a path to success for the youth in our area."

Elizabeth Woidt, Director of the Broome County Department of Parks, Recreation, and Youth Services said, “The Broome County Youth Bureau would like to thank Assemblywoman Lupardo for advocating for the importance of gun violence prevention in the Binghamton area. The funded programs will help many young people recognize the positive contributions they can make to their neighborhoods and community. This grant is a great step toward reducing violence in Broome County and we hope to continue working with our partners to aid in long-term prevention.”

Dr. Tonia Thompson, BCSD Superintendent said, “Thank you to Assemblywoman Lupardo for helping to secure $100,000 in gun violence prevention funding for Broome County. This funding will allow our school district to hire two youth advocates, providing more support for students who may be at risk. Engaging schools in this way is a positive step toward combating violence in the larger community. We appreciate Assemblywoman Lupardo and NYS for obtaining and allocating resources for our schools.”

Dan Rathmell, Binghamton Bulldogs said, “The Binghamton Bulldogs are proud to collaborate with the Broome County Parks, Recreation, and Youth Services department to offer Binghamton residents some exciting new programs and help stop gun violence in our area. Thank you to Assemblywoman Donna Lupardo for helping to secure this important funding.”

Barry Kilmer, Broome County YMCA Binghamton branch said, “As an organization, the YMCA takes our role of being socially responsible within Broome County seriously. Our desire is to serve our community in such a way that everyone can reach their full potential no matter what zip code they live in. This grant funding will help us continue to serve our community and be a hub for kids when they need a place to go. Thank you to Assemblywoman Lupardo for securing this additional funding for gun violence prevention and supporting our community’s youth and young adults.”