Statement of Assemblyman Fred W. Thiele, Jr. on the FY2023 Executive Budget

“This week, Governor Kathy Hochul unveiled a $216.3 billion budget proposal for 2023 that signifies a historic new chapter for New York State and includes significant benefits for Long Island.

As the Chair of the Local Governments Committee, I am pleased to see the inclusion and continuation of core programs and initiatives that allow local governments to maintain resiliency and better serve the public. Notably, The Aid and Incentives to Municipalities (AIM) program will continue to be fully funded now through the State General Fund, and the practice of diverting local taxes to pay for the program will cease. This proposal is the original and commonsense approach to AIM funding that has been long sought after and will be crucial in lifting local governments out of financial distress brought on by the pandemic. The Executive’s Local Governments budget totals over $48 billion in FY2023, representing a $2.5 billion increase compared to last year.

Our school districts will also find that the Governor’s proposal outlines significant increases in school aid. Assembly District #1 will be receiving over $310 million in total aid, including over $200 million in Foundation Aid. Districts like Riverhead and Hampton Bays are also proposed to receive significant boosts in Foundation Aid funding. This is a welcome proposal, and I applaud the Governor for her commitment to providing needed state funding to our schools – which have faced unprecedented fiscal and logistical challenges in the last two years. 

Another highlight in the Governor’s proposal is the creation of a Homeowner Tax Rebate Credit, which will put benefits in the hands of Long Islanders overburdened by exorbitant property taxes as early as this Fall. As the sponsor of a bill that would provide similar relief by improving the existing Real Property Tax Relief Credit, I am glad to see further efforts to relieve financial distress families are facing statewide over their tax bill, especially in these tumultuous times.

I will continue to review the proposal and work diligently to ensure that my constituents on the East End have a voice in the FY2023 budget. I look forward to working with my Assembly colleagues, the Senate, and the Governor to pass a budget that is bold, responsible, and best serves the needs of the state.”