Statement of Assemblymember Fred W. Thiele, Jr. on the Current Condition of the Sunrise Highway Bridge

Route 27 bridge over North Road in Hampton Bays receives ‘poor’ condition rating by the Department of Transportation

According to the 2022 ‘Key to New York State Highway Bridge Data’ report, the Sunrise Highway Bridge that runs over North Road in Hampton Bays is rated as being in “poor” condition per the federal rating standards utilized by the New York State Department of Transportation. For a bridge to receive a “poor” ranking, it must rank four or less on a one to nine scale in one of the following evaluated criteria: the deck, the superstructure, or the substructure. The Sunrise Highway Bridge, which has more than 40,000 daily motorists, was found to be deficient in its spalling concrete used within its columns. While the bridge is of a poor rating, it remains safe to carry legal loads as permitted by the Department of Transportation. A project to make necessary repairs on the bridge has been scheduled and the Department has assigned its Bridge Maintenance Group to actively monitor and make temporary repairs as necessary to ensure the bridge’s ongoing safety. Assemblymember Fred W. Thiele, Jr. (I-Sag Harbor) issued the following statement:

“Resilient infrastructure is the basis of a safe community and the hallmark of an economy in motion,” said Assemblymember Fred Thiele. “That’s why it is so crucial that our roads and bridges remain dependable even as they age. I applaud the Department of Transportation for working to proactively ensure safety while addressing the current deficiencies of the Sunrise Highway Bridge, but share the same concern as the thousands who traverse the bridge daily: why did it get to a poor rating in the first place? Now more than ever, infrastructure must be a top priority at the federal, state, and local levels if we are to maintain a healthy foundation for our everyday lives.”