Assemblyman Thiele Comments on NYPIRG 2013 Legislative Session Analysis

Analysis show Thiele votes independently and is one of the most effective state legislators

On June 28, 2013 the New York Public Interest Research Group (NYPIRG), a New York based good government group, released its 2013 Session Analysis for the State Legislature. A copy of the entire 50 page report can be viewed at:

In general, the analysis showed that in 2013, the State Legislature passed the third fewest bills since 1915- a total of 650. There will be 6 constitutional amendments on the 2013 ballot including casino gambling and an amendment sponsored by Assemblyman Thiele expanding civil service credits for disabled veterans.

On average, a member of the Assembly sponsored 4 bills that passed both houses of the State Legislature. Assemblyman Thiele passed 16 bills this Session including legislation (1) creating a state recognition procedure for the Montaukett Indians, (2) job protection for volunteer firefighters and ambulance workers, (3)legislation to promote economic development at EPCAL, and (4) numerous bills for East End local governments including all 5 East End towns, Eastport Fire District, and the Village of Quogue. Assemblyman Thiele was 5th of 150 members in getting bills through both houses of the State Legislature.

Assemblyman Thiele also had a voting record demonstrating that independence. Thiele had a 100% voting record, voting on all 1089 bills considered by the Assembly in 2013. In terms of voting with the Assembly Majority Leadership, Thiele was 92nd out of 150, and 135th out of 150 in terms of voting with the Assembly Minority Leadership.