Prepare Our Workforce for a new economy

November 15, 2013

As a stakeholder in the success of students and businesses across the State of New York, I/We, the undersigned believe a shortage of skilled job applicants in the technical and manufacturing fields is a burden on New York’s economy. I/We also believe the lack of access to education in these fields is holding students back.

I/We therefore support the development of a high school diploma in technical education in New York State, because it offers great potential to advance economic and student development (A.8189).

I/We also support helping New York’s economy by funding educational opportunities to train our workforce in advanced manufacturing, which would help employers fill their good-paying, open positions with skilled workers (A.7673).

I/We support Assemblymember Harry B. Bronson’s Prepare Our Workforce initiatives to provide the training, curriculum, and guidance necessary for students to be able to pursue a technical or manufacturing career.

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