Assemblymember Bronson: Budget Provides Crucial Support for Upstate Families

“The 2016-17 state budget includes a number of significant measures – most notably a minimum wage increase and paid family leave – that offer Rochester families greater economic security and more opportunities to thrive.

“The minimum wage is slated to increase to $12.50 per hour by the end of 2021 with a goal of it reaching $15 eventually. This measure goes a long way toward ensuring full-time employees earn a livable wage and can keep up with the rising costs of living to be able to better provide for their families.

“Paid family leave is another historic and momentous victory for working families across New York State. The program affords 12 weeks of paid leave so that workers can take care of a new child or sick family member without sacrificing their financial security.

“In addition, the budget offers a $1 billion personal income tax cut over eight years for joint filers earning $300,000 or less. This will ease the tax burden of working and middle-class families and put more money back in their pockets and into local economies. The budget also includes a significant capital housing plan as well as critical anti-poverty initiatives.

“Our families deserve a fair shot, and this year’s budget will help ensure all Rochester families have the opportunities they need to get ahead.”