Assemblymember Bronson: Assembly’s Equal Pay Legislation Continues the Fight for Full Women’s Equality

“Today, the Assembly passed several pieces of legislation to ensure women in New York earn equal pay for equal work. Women have waited far too long for fair pay, and these bills will help put an end to pay inequity once and for all.

“Nationally, women earn 79 cents for every dollar men make. Women of color are at even greater disadvantage, with African-American women making 64 cents and Latina women making 54 cents to every dollar earned by white men.1,2 While New York State’s gender wage gap is smaller – women earn 87 cents for each dollar earned by a man – nothing short of true pay equity will suffice.3

“When more and more women are the primary breadwinner of their household, the pay gap means their families suffer. Too many working mothers struggle to make ends meet. Add to this the cost of child care and the basic expenses of raising a child, and the burden can often become unmanageable. Equal pay is not only a matter of fairness – it is vital for New York families.”