Assemblymember Bronson: We Must Protect New Yorkers’ Health Care from Post-Election Hostilities

“In this period of uncertainty, as Washington D.C. gears up to be led by an anti-choice president who will fill a Supreme Court vacancy, it has become clearer than ever that women’s constitutional right to reproductive choice must be defended and respected. The 1973 Supreme Court decision that provided women the constitutional right to continue a pregnancy or not is now under attack along with the Affordable Care Act, Planned Parenthood and basic women’s health care. Donald Trump and other anti-choice advocates, in numerous states, have pledged to enact onerous restrictions on reproductive services. This is their agenda, not ours! We will not turn back New Yorkers’ constitutional rights.

“I stand with my colleagues in passing two key pieces of legislation that affirm and strengthen reproductive rights. Legislation to protect a woman’s right to terminate a pregnancy within 24 weeks, or when the pregnancy is not viable, or endangers her life or health and legislation requiring health insurers to cover all FDA-approved contraceptive drugs, devices and products when they are prescribed by a medical professional.

“I will not, we cannot, let decades of progress be undone by one election cycle. I will not back down and will fight to assure women have complete control over their bodies and health.”

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