Assemblymember Bronson: While Government Continues to Disagree, Funding for Vital Programs and Services Remain

“While some continue to play politics grappling over this year’s budget, hardworking New Yorkers are the ones most affected by a late budget. Whether it’s the single parent who relies on child care in order to go to work, the teacher who’s living paycheck to paycheck so that our students receive a proper education or the young adult who depends on social services to secure a job, we cannot in good conscience allow for them to be burdened by a government shutdown.

“Although this extender is not the ideal situation, it is necessary in order to keep our state from falling into disarray. Proper funding for infrastructure, law enforcement, our schools, hospitals and other vital services will remain intact. As negotiations continue, I will keep fighting for more funding for our schools and additional investments in workforce development and apprenticeship programs needed to address the middle-skills gap and effectively carry out those programs.”