Assemblymember Bronson: Long-Term Solitary Confinement Cruel and Inhumane

“Solitary confinement can wreak havoc on a person’s emotional and physical well-being and leaves lasting scars that keep inmates from successfully rehabilitating and reintegrating into society.

“I co-sponsored legislation to prohibit inmates who are 21 or younger; 55 or older; mentally, physically or intellectually disabled; pregnant; in the first eight weeks of postpartum recovery; or in a jail or prison newborn nursery program from being placed in segregated confinement so vulnerable inmates have safer, more humane options (A.3080-B). For all other inmates, the legislation would also enact strict limits on the use and duration of solitary confinement and improve conditions. The criminal justice system should be rehabilitating inmates, so they can rebuild their lives and move forward after incarceration, not simply locking them up, throwing away the key and setting them up for recidivism.”