Assemblymember Bronson: Women Veterans Deserve Our Respect and Support When They Return Home

“Women veterans make all the same sacrifices and exhibit the same bravery as their male colleagues but are all too often forgotten or overlooked. It’s up to us all to ensure their selflessness and patriotism is honored and that they have access to the support and resources they so courageously earned.

“That’s why I co-sponsored two resolutions which passed today. The first resolution urges the New York State congressional delegation to pass the Deborah Sampson Act (K.1265). Deborah Sampson served in the Revolutionary War and was one of the first women who fought in uniform on behalf of our nation. The bill would address gender disparities at the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) to ensure that all veterans receive equitable care, regardless of their gender. The second resolution urges the state’s congressional delegation to ensure the VA’s peer support counseling program has an adequate number of women veteran counselors (K.1264). These resolutions build on one I helped pass yesterday proclaiming June 12 as Women Veterans Recognition Day in New York State (K.1346). It was a day to not only appreciate the immense sacrifices women veterans have made for our freedom, but also to recognize our own responsibility to support our heroes once they’ve returned home.”