Assemblymember Bronson: January 6, 2021 is a Day That Will Live in Infamy

“Today I stand with my colleagues, my neighbors, and my community to condemn the violence in Washington, D.C. 

At the risk of upsetting people, but also in the interest of honest dialogue, here is my perspective. These are extraordinary times with a delusional person exiting the presidency and a Senate Majority Leader in Mitch McConnell who has repeatedly shown a willingness to violate rules, regulations, and protocol to advance his own agenda. All of this in the midst of a global pandemic and resulting economic downturn.

We cannot afford a continuation of elected officials operating for their own self-interest instead of for the good of the country and its citizens. This is not us versus them. I see it much more as a fight against autocracy versus our constitutionally controlled Republic. Regardless of the current crisis we cannot continue operating under a doctrine of anger and fear, us versus them, and for the sake of power versus the sake of people.

The chaos and violence in response to a free and fair democratic election is not who we are as Americans. This is not patriotism. This is not a peaceful protest. This is anarchy – plain and simply. My thoughts are with those who are in danger right now. We are better than this. America is better than this.”