Assemblymember Harry Bronson on Nursing Home Report from New York Attorney General

“Today’s report by the Attorney General brings to the forefront the tragic events that have transpired at nursing homes with the onset on the COVID-19 pandemic. These findings are heartbreaking and reveal what many of us have heard directly from relatives whose loved ones are in nursing homes and through our legislative hearings last year. Undercounting of the loss of loved ones and failure to adhere to health and safety protocols is unacceptable. The Department of Health, as well as the nursing homes, owe those families an explanation. We need to continue to require accurate and complete information and that is why we have previously introduced and will continue to push legislation that will require nursing homes and DOH to provide the families transparency in reporting inspections in facilities A.1010 (Bronson). I feel the pain of these families; they are in my thoughts. I will do everything within my power to require complete, accurate information for our families.”