Giglio, Moms for Liberty Respond to Recommendation by CDC Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) For Covid-19 Vaccines to be Included in Childhood Immunization Schedule

Assemblywoman Jodi Giglio (R,C,I-Riverhead) and the nonprofit organization Moms for Liberty joined forces in a press conference earlier today calling on state lawmakers and candidates to pledge that they will not include the COVID-19 vaccinations as a mandatory immunization to attend public, private and religious schools until they have withstood the scrutiny of adequate testing, and scientific/medical evaluation for efficacy and safety.

Moms for Liberty, a longtime advocate for parental rights in providing parents with the freedom of school choice, were compelled to partner with Giglio thanks to her tireless commitment to families and their ability to decide how they want to live their lives. Giglio, in turn, was glad to partner with Moms for Liberty, being a mother herself, and knowing the importance that school decisions can have on a child’s life. These factors were compounded by the fact that all COVID-19 vaccines have yet to meet the standards of efficacy and safety according to the Food and Drug Administration, which require a lengthy, complex process, usually lasting 10-15 years involving significant testing and trials to ensure safety and efficacy.

“Our mission is not one of anti-vaccination, but ensuring that all vaccines, including the recently recommended Covid 19, go through the proper vaccination testing and approval protocol,” Giglio said. “Our education system is built upon the mutual trust that we invest locally into schools to provide our kids a good framework to develop on, and schools in turn work hard to ensure our kids are learning all they need to become well-rounded adults. Steps like mandating vaccines that have not met the standard requirements of safety and efficiency fly in the face of that important relationship.”

“New York is not the only state facing this issue but when it comes to the Covid 19 Vaccination, many have been involved in the fight against mandatory COVID-19 vaccinations to work, go to school or visit business establishments.The responsibility falls on us to make sure our federal systems put the vaccine through its necessary paces. As a mother, as an engaged member of the community and as a representative, I will not abide by systems that mandate vaccinations of vaccines without the proper protocols, especially if those mandates prevent our children from receiving their education in a social setting,” Giglio concluded.