Giglio Calls for Further Scrutiny on THC-Infused Product Packaging

Assemblywoman Jodi Giglio (R,C-Riverhead) led a rally of Assembly and Senate Minority members today in a call for edible products with THC infusions to have more conspicuous labeling and more child-proof packaging, following stories that detail how children have mistaken them for regular candies and snack foods and have had to receive medical attention following consumption. Giglio, a parent herself and advocate of child safety, is hoping to see existing guidelines codified into law.

“With the legalization of marijuana and THC in New York, we’ve been slow to properly legislate protections on packaging to keep our kids safe,” Giglio said. “My bill would make it a Class D Felony to advertise, deceptively advertise, brand, market, package, display, label, offer for ingestion outside of packaging, or administer cannabis products, including unconventional methods of administration or ingestion or edible consumption of cannabis products, in contravention of section 81 of the cannabis laws or rules and regulations promulgated by the New York State Cannabis Control Board or Office Of Cannabis Management. This office must exercise greater oversight.

“We cannot tolerate the misrepresentation of THC products any longer. It’s having dire, real-world impacts on the children in our community, and it is the responsibility of the Legislature to ensure any THC edible on the market is properly marked and packaged as such.”