Mikulin against Lack of Signatures Required on Absentee Ballot Applications

May 29, 2020

Assemblyman John Mikulin (R,C,I-Bethpage) is appalled at the passing of a bill (A.10516) which removed the requirement that applications for absentee ballots need to be signed by the voter. This bill also waives the limitations in the New York Constitution, which limits the use of absentee ballots in New York.

“By not requiring people to sign their applications for absentee ballots we are potentially allowing even more voter fraud to occur in New York,” said Mikulin. “This is opening a complete can of worms; a simple signature isn’t too much to ask of voters. Given the current circumstances with the pandemic, I can appreciate wanting to give residents alternative options when it comes to voting. But we should still be requiring voters to sign their applications to affirm they are who they say they are. I question why this was even necessary to be removed.”