#NY2A Day Brings Visitors From All Counties Of Blankenbush’s District

Assemblyman Ken Blankenbush (R,C,I-Black River) joined several Lewis County Second Amendment advocates, including Lewis County Sheriff Mike Carpinelli, who was one of the first law enforcement officials to speak out against the governor’s gun control law.

Assemblyman Ken Blankenbush (R,C,I-Black River) met with several visiting sportsmen and Second Amendment enthusiasts in Albany as they arrived for the #NY2A Day rally and lobbying event. The event was designed by Blankenbush and several of his Assembly Minority colleagues to give those affected by the governor’s gun control law the opportunity to share their concerns and displeasure with legislators in Albany. Over 70 full buses arrived at the Capitol today, including nearly 400 residents from the assemblyman’s district. Nearly 100 people visited his office during the event.

“Law-abiding citizens are rightly angered over Gov. Cuomo’s forced gun control law, and #NY2A Day is about allowing sportsmen and Second Amendment enthusiasts to educate legislators about responsible gun ownership and lobby them to protect their Second Amendment rights,” said Blankenbush. “More importantly, they are here to send a message to the governor that he doesn’t have the right to ram through bad policy, especially for personal political gain.”

Gov. Cuomo’s gun control law, which was passed in secret late at night, will cost taxpayers $36 million. This mainly pays for a super computer for an overreaching registration database and 25 government agents meant to keep tabs on law-abiding citizens. While Blankenbush acknowledged that more must be done to curb gun violence, he said this law does nothing to actually address the matter and prohibits most upstaters from using modernized hunting rifles in New York, which are the main target of the governor’s law.