Blankenbush: It’s Time To Pass Brittany’s Law

Assemblyman Ken Blankenbush (R,C,I-Black River) attends a press conference calling for the passage of Brittany’s Law.

Assemblyman Ken Blankenbush (R,C,I-Black River) thinks that the public should have the right to know if they are working with or living near a violent ex-convict. He is calling for the passage of Brittany’s Law, which would establish a new violent felony offender registry.

“We are obligated to do all we can to assist law enforcement and citizens in protecting society from dangerous, violent criminals. We can fulfill this obligation by passing Brittany’s Law,” said Blankenbush. “This legislation would create a violent felony offender registry, something that multiple states already have established throughout the country. We must take a tough stand against these crimes and stand together to support victims and protect each other.”

Blankenbush says this bill would create a violent felony offender registry similar to the sex offender registry. It would be available to the public. Under Brittany’s Law, convicted, violent felons must register with the New York State Department of Criminal Justice Services (DCJS) upon discharge, parole or release from any state or local facility, including hospitals and mental institutions.

The legislation also would require these violent criminals to register annually with law enforcement to allow for better tracking of the offenders. The bill already has passed the senate. The states that currently have violent felony offender registries are Montana, Illinois, Indiana, Florida, Kansas, Oklahoma, Louisiana and Nevada.