State Majority Put Policy Above All

A Statement from Assemblyman Ken Blankenbush (R,C,I-Black River)

“Throughout this pandemic, we have seen the governor take more control over our state than ever before. Without legislative approval, he has issued more than 30 executive orders and has changed over 260 laws.

“The Legislature had an opportunity to strip the governor of his tyrannical powers through a proposal introduced by the Minority Conference, so small businesses could resume and farmers could get back to work, but once again, state Majority showed us where their true priorities lie, and it’s not with the hardworking middle class. The governor, who only steps foot in our region to parade our reopening, doesn’t know what’s best for us, but our local officials do.

“At a time when our farms are struggling to survive and our small businesses desperately need relief, state Majority chose to focus on bills that jeopardize fair elections and cause our bills to soar. With so many pressing issues that need to be addressed, now is not the time to play games.”