Blankenbush: Terminate the State of Emergency

Assembly and Senate Minority introduced a concurrent resolution on Monday to terminate the state disaster emergency

“The State of New York is not in the midst of an emergency. We are 15 months removed from March of 2020 and the COVID-19 pandemic is under control in our state and across the nation. According to the governor’s own numbers, the state positivity rate as of yesterday was 0.52% and even lower in the North Country at 0.3%. We need to terminate the state of emergency to restore power to the Legislature and make it crystal clear to New Yorkers that we are no longer in crisis.

“The governor’s ever-changing executive orders and control over our everyday lives in the name of ‘emergency power’ is the true threat to our state. The North Country and Mohawk Valley will recover exponentially faster if this state of emergency is lifted because our people will no longer be subject to this governor’s whimsical and often politically-motivated directives.”