Walter Weighs in on Legislature’s Failure to Address Ethics Reform

A legislative statement from Assemblyman Raymond Walter (R,C,I-Amherst)
June 22, 2017

“As we reflect on the accomplishments of another eventful legislative session, I remain disappointed in the Assembly Majority’s unwillingness to address any meaningful ethics reform measures this year. Despite our conference’s push for accountability and transparency in the funding of Gov. Cuomo’s economic development programs, the final days of debate have come and gone with no effort from our colleagues across the aisle to address this glaring omission. Now, as investigations into the corruption that has surrounded many of the governor’s initiatives continue, it is a mystery that nothing has been done to amend this clearly flawed and unethical process.

“New York’s residents deserve to know exactly how the government is spending hundreds of millions of their hard-earned tax dollars, and I will remain committed to this cause until it is finally addressed once and for all. Whether it is procurement reform, accountability in the Start-Up NY program or a searchable database of economic development deals, changes need to be made to protect our tax dollars. Moving forward, I will continue to push for legislation that encourages responsible and ethical conduct from our state’s leaders, and will do everything in my power to eliminate the crooked dealings that have become synonymous with Gov. Cuomo’s economic development programs.”