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Let's work together to ensure that our schools and property taxpayers get what they need. The recently created positions by the Brentwood School Board were conceived without sufficient public input at the taxpayers' expense - this is unacceptable. The Board's decision to create seven new positions is a violation of the public trust at a cost of approximately half a million dollars to Brentwood's hardworking families.

Ramos Opposes This Vote Because:

  • The school budget voted on in May had no reference to creating additional administrative positions
  • Lack of transparency and a violation of public trust
  • At a time when teachers are facing layoffs, school funding should go toward keeping teachers in the classroom, preserving programs and ensuring a quality education

I will continue pushing for the members of the Board to be held accountable and for this vote to be repealed. If you're interested in learning more about the effort, please fill the box below and add your voice.

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Assemblyman Ramos: Standing up for our kids

  • Delivered a 4.6 percent increase in funding for Brentwood School District
  • Restored $2.2 million in education aid that was cut by the Gap Elimination Adjustment (GEA)
  • Secured $400,000 for a full day pre-k program to ensure a greater number of Brentwood kids are placed on an early path to success