Seawright's Office Brings you Updates from August RIOC Board of Directors Meeting

On Wednesday, August 9, RIOC Board of Directors voted on a number of items. Projects to repair and construct the seawall railing, replace flooring at Al Lewis and Blackwell Park Playgrounds and resurface the Tony Capobianco Field Basketball Court were approved. In addition, the contract to purchase two diesel buses was approved. Lastly, the contract to renovate the Tram platform was amended to include extended work hours on weekdays and work on Saturdays, aimed to decrease the overall time for completion.

RIOC CEO Susan Rosenthal reported that the next project in sight is the tram elevator renovation, which will not impact the operation of the tram. The Blackwell House contract is in the process of being finalized. Additionally, the construction at the Youth Center will begin on August 18, and on August 14, the Youth Center Operator will be officially announced. RIOC is working with the Department of Transportation to complete street striping throughout the Island, and the focus will be on critical intersections first. The contract will be brought to the Board at the next meeting on September 7.