Seawright Condemns the Behavior of Dirty Doorman

Six women in Tudor City have come forward to report unwanted lewd pictures from their doorman in June and July. The NYPD had closed all of their cases because the doorman’s actions were offensive but not technically an arrestable offense.

Assembly Member Seawright was disturbed to hear the treatment of the victims by law enforcement officials and submitted the above letter to the editor of The Post.

She said "Residents must feel safe in their homes and not subjected to unwanted sexual communications from the very staff members hired to protect them."

As a result, she has been invited by Assembly Member Braunstein to cosponsor his legislation to extend the same protections for telephone users against aggravated harassment to those who may also be using electronic communications such as text or email.

In follow-up, experts in the field of revenge porn have reported that the app “TextMe” used to harass has been subpoenaed in the past. Former prosecutors have also noted that individuals sending unwanted pics could be identified by their tattoos.