Seawright’s Election Reform Bill Passes Assembly

Requires campaign finance information of certain candidates and/or committees to be filed on an electronic reporting system at the State Board of Elections

Albany, New York – On March 25, 2019, Assembly Member Rebecca A. Seawright announced that the New York State Assembly passed legislation (A1641/S3903 Myrie), that will streamline the filing of campaign financial disclosure reports by eliminating the $1,000 filing threshold at the State Board of Elections. The bill passed with overwhelming bipartisan support and was transmitted to the Senate for consideration.

"This bill relieves duplicative filing requirements for political committees and also lifts administrative burdens from local Boards of Election,” explained Assembly Member Seawright, “If a candidate/committee expects to raise and/or spends more than $1000, they must electronically file with the State Board of Elections and are no longer required to file with local Boards of Elections.”

“This bill increases government transparency, enhances resources provided to state and local Boards of Elections and streamlines filings,” said Assembly Member Seawright. “By requiring filings at the NYS Board of Elections, there will be increased transparency to the public.”