Tuesday Townhall: Small Business and Housing

April 2, 2020

Last night we held our first virtual Townhall Tuesday on the issues of small business and housing during the COVID-19 pandemic. It was a pleasure to hear from our special guests: Joyce Moy, attorney and Executive Director of the Asian American Research Institute and Bob Grimble, housing attorney and longtime friend and volunteer of our district office hosting a bi-weekly pro-bono housing legal clinic for our neighbors.

Ms. Moy spoke about the resources available to small business and how to make the most of the city, state and federal grants and loans that are available. You can view her presentation here.

Mr. Grimble answered questions for tenants who are facing rent due April 1st, rent increases, lease renewals and pending repairs.

Watch the full town hall here! Next week, we are having experts on senior and social services Robin Strashun of non-profit Search and Care and Marissa Block, Deputy Chief Program Officer of Lenox Hill Neighborhood House.

Please click here to view the video.