Assemblyman Magnarelli's 2013 Constituent Survey Results
Surveys were mailed to voters in the 129th Assembly District which encompasses the City of Syracuse, Town of Geddes and Town of Van Buren
April 9, 2013

1,907 surveys were returned completed
(the completed surveys were from a cross representation of all zip codes in the district)

#1 Do you favor State-run casinos in Upstate New York? 1,833 49.5% 46.7% 3.8%
#2 Do you favor state-run casinos in Onondaga County? 1,821 45.3% 46.7% 4.5%
#3 If you answered Yes to #2, where would you locate it? See Narrative Analysis below
#4 Do you support the natural-gas drilling process known as "hydrofracking"? 1,805 24% 70.7% 5.2%
#5 Do you favor raising the minimum wage from $7.25 to $9.00 per hour? 1,842 69.6% 27% 3.5%
#6 Would you favor legislation to ensure women and men receive equal pay for equal work? 1,858 89.5% 7.9% 2.6%
#7 Do you support the proposed "DREAM Act" (A.2597), which would allow undocumented children of illegal immigrants to apply for state financial aid as well as provide private funding? 1,802 26.4% 68.2% 5.4%
#8 Do you support "Campaign Finance Reform," if it includes using your tax dollars for the public financing of political campaigns? 1,822 34% 61.6% 4.4%
#9 Do you support the Assembly's early voting bill (A.689), which would allow voters to cast their ballot at designated locations starting 14 days before a general election and 7 days before a primary election? 1,846 49.9% 47% 3.1%
#10 Do you support the Assembly bill (A.690), which provides transparency by requiring super PAC's, special interests and other organizations that advocate for candidates to disclose their sources of funding and how much they spend on political communications, the same way candidates and political parties do? 1,853 91.5% 5.7% 2.7%


Question #3 asked the respondents for a preferred location within Onondaga County for a state-run casino. The respondents answered:

Overwhelmingly favored the New York State Fairgrounds
Heavily favored was Destiny USA
Favored was the Inner Harbor
Mentioned was the Airport

Question #7 received the greatest reaction in the comment section of the survey. The clear majority of respondents favored a path to citizenship for these undocumented persons and no public taxpayer benefits until that system was in place.

Question #8 also received a substantial reaction in the comment section of the survey. The vast majority wanted campaign reform, but they did not want their tax dollars used to fund political campaigns, when so many state programs have been cut and people laid off.