Press Releases

Fitzpatrick: Public Tax Dollars Must Go To Deserving College Students On Long Island

Fitzpatrick: New York Needs A Plan To End Out-Migration Of Residents

Fitzpatrick: Good Business, Fiscal Principles Should Be Used To Track Economic Development Spending

Fitzpatrick: Good Government Prevails In Interim AG Selection

Fitzpatrick Opposes Parole For Cop Killers

Fitzpatrick And Reclaim NY Call For A More Affordable State Budget

Fitzpatrick Opposes The Assembly Majority Budget

Fitzpatrick To Donors And Partners: Thank You For A Successful Blood Drive

Fitzpatrick: New York Must Step Up Laws On Gang Crimes

Fitzpatrick: Enabling Law Breakers Is Not The Way To Repair Countryís Broken Immigration System

Fitzpatrick Says Long Island Taxpayers Will be Priority in 2017 Legislative Session

Fitzpatrick, The Assembly Minority Conference Award Albrecht With NYS Gift Of Life Medal Of Honor

Fitzpatrick: Governorís Economic Programs Need Oversight

Fitzpatrick: NYC Politicians Disregard Middle-Class Students By Passing Dream Act

Fitzpatrick Calling On Assembly Majority To Address Heroin Epidemic

Fitzpatrick To Assembly Majority: Pension Reform Needed Now

Fitzpatrick: Those Facing Heroin Addiction Need Help And Action

Fitzpatrick Decries MMA Legalization

Fitzpatrick: Assembly Majority Reform Agenda Lacks Teeth, Offers Nothing New

Fitzpatrick Advocates For Mandate Relief At Local Government Joint Budget Conference Committee Meeting