Press Releases

Walsh Announces State Grants For Local Libraries

Walsh Calls On Amtrak to Reconsider Toys for Tots Train Cancellation

Walsh Hosts First ThinkDIFFERENTLY Day at Saratoga County Fair

Walsh Disappointed in Legislature’s Failure to Address Ethics Reform, Affordability

Walsh Calls For Transparency, Accountability in Funding Of State Economic Development Initiatives

Walsh Lauds Assembly’s Passage of Legislation Benefiting Disabled Community

Walsh Weighs In On Underwood Appointment

Walsh Commends Saratoga County Sheriff, Local Schools for Commitment to Safety Initiative

Walsh Rallies against Proposal To End Minimum Wage Credit For Tipped Employees

Examining the Minimum Wage Tip Credit Issue

Walsh Commends Passage of Bill Separating Standardized Test Results and Teacher Evaluations

Walsh Honors American Legion’s First Female National Commander

Walsh Calls For Changes to Flawed Budget Process

Walsh Honors Active Service Members, Commemorates Yellow Ribbon Day

Walsh Celebrates Unified Military Affairs Council Day at State Capitol

Walsh Criticizes Misplaced Priorities in Assembly Budget Resolution

Walsh Calls For State Takeover of Medicaid

Walsh Affirms Support For Library Funding

Walsh Echoes Calls For Good Government Reforms

Walsh Questions Legislature’s Priorities Following Passage of Dream Act