Press Releases

Golden, Hevesi Lead Coalition Calling on Governor Cuomo to Sign Legislation Creating Culturally Competent Shelters for Survivors of Human Trafficking

Hevesi, Klein push $15M rental subsidy

Renewed Push to Pass State Homelessness Subsidy in 2018

Home Stability Support Offers Promising Solution to New York City's Homeless Crisis

Rent Stabilization Association Endorses Assemblyman Hevesi's Home Stability Support Program

Comptroller Stringer Finds Home Stability Support as Cost-Effective Approach to Curb Homelessness

Hevesi Questions Cuomo Management Expertise

Hevesiís Legislation to Extend and Expand the Interagency Task Force on Human Trafficking Passes Both Houses

Hevesi Holds Hearing on Community Service Block Grants

Hevesiís Enterprise Fraud Legislation Passes New York State Assembly Unanimously

Hevesi and Environmental Coalition Secure $3 Million to Overhaul Freight Locomotives

Hevesi Secures Funding Increase for Social Services Programs and Creates New Homeless Prevention Pilot Program

Hevesi Passes Legislation Combating Human Trafficking

Hevesi and Rosenthal Announce $3 Million for Programs Serving Runaway and Homeless Youth in Assembly One-House Budget Proposal

Hevesi Appointed Chair of Assembly Social Services

Hevesi Co-Chairs Public Hearing on Homeless Services in New York State

Hevesi Co-Chairs Roundtables Examining New York Stateís Child Protective Services

Hevesi Technology Education Initiative Implemented by New York State Education Department

Hevesi Allocates $250,000 to Refurbish Baseball Fields at Flushing Meadows-Corona Park

Hevesi Passes Legislation Reducing Burdens on Local Governments