New York State Legislature Passes Critical Eviction Assistance for Renters, Homeowners and Small Businesses

Yesterday, the New York State Legislature passed – in a virtual session – A.11181 which relates to eviction and foreclosure protections. The proposal would protect, until May 1, 2021, residential tenants at risk of non-payment or holdover eviction who cannot pay their rent and attest to a financial hardship or face a significant health-related hardship.

Tenants subject to eviction proceedings filed either before March 7, 2020, or since March 7, 2020, would have the opportunity to seek coverage under the bill by completing a hardship declaration form. The proposal would require the Office of Court Administration (OCA) to publish the easy-to-read “hardship declaration” form for tenants provided in statute. The form will be available and published in multiple languages. The proposal would ensure that no matter where in the eviction process a tenant is, they would have the opportunity to protect themselves by filing a hardship declaration form. The form will clearly state that it must be completed truthfully “under penalty of law,” which is a misdemeanor.

“I am proud to have voted with my colleagues in passing legislation that takes the additional step to keep people in their homes during these financially challenging times. We must continue looking for ways to help small landlords as they deal with their own difficult circumstances. When the federal funding finally comes through, we will continue to work tirelessly to prioritize the needs of small landlords’, seniors, families and children – tenants and homeowners,” said Assemblyman Charles D. Fall