Assemblyman Charles D. Fall Holds a Joint Press Conference with Senator Diane Savino and Community Leaders to Condemn the Outcome of Wednesday’s Attack on the Nation’s Capitol

Today, Assemblyman Charles D. Fall (D-Richmond) and Senator Diane Savino (D-Richmond-Kings) held a joint press conference with several community and faith leaders to condemn the attack on the Capitol and hold elected officials’ accountability for inciting the riot.

On Wednesday, January 6, 2021, as the United States Congress started to conduct their constitutional duty to certify the 2020 Presidential and Vice-Presidential election, a mass of rioters breached the United State Capitol, congressional chambers, and leadership offices. During the attack, which caused excessive anarchy, destruction, and assaults on law enforcement, five individuals perished, one being a capitol police officer.

The insurrection that took place this week was a result of months long conspiracy, hate speech and a “call to trial by combat,” at a rally hosted by President Trump, his family, former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani, and members of Congress prior to the violent attack on the Capitol.

The speakers at the press conference today were openly critical of newly elected Congresswoman Nicole Malliotakis of the 11th congressional district that represents Staten Island and Brooklyn. The criticism was related to the Congresswomen’s position on delegitimizing the certification of the 2020 presidential election after what is being called a coup d’état that took place on our democracy.

Assemblyman Charles D. Fall: “This week’s insurrection on our democracy further underscores the alarming divisions within our country. I call on my state and local colleagues to come together in a bi-partisan fashion to mend these wounds, particularly my colleagues who have flamed the fires of this national disgrace. I am appalled at the stance that Congresswoman Malliotakis took prior and after the attack occurred. It is time we put action to our oath of office in efforts to prevent this act from happening again and move our country in the right direction.”

Senator Diane Savino: “What we saw in Washington was not just more of the same, it was worse than ever imagined. We watched as a President, who knew he had lost an election, fanned the flames of division, sedition, and treason, sending a mob to attack the people’s house. Nicole Malliotakis had a responsibility to uphold the rule of law and she chose to play politics instead. If you want to represent the people in the halls of Congress, you have a responsibility to tell them the truth, you have a responsibility to uphold your oath of office, and you have a responsibility to be as good as the office you hold. I am extraordinarily disappointed in her first act as a Congressperson, betraying what she knows is her responsibility.”

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