Ra: It’s Time To Restore Law And Order In NY

Assemblyman Ed Ra (R-Franklin Square) joined the Assembly and Senate Minority Conferences in calling to restore law and order in New York state. They advocated for measures to ensure our police departments are properly funded, repeal the state’s disastrous bail reform policies, give judicial discretion back to judges and create avenues for mental health rehabilitation.

Murders have increased by 46.7 percent from 2019-2021. The Minority Conferences are fighting for action to be taken today to address these alarming trends in our communities.

“As New York continues to see our residents flee the state at a troubling rate, it’s clear we need to take action to address this disturbing rise in crime and violent activity,” said Ra. “Instead of rewarding criminals for their behavior and allowing them back into our neighborhoods with no repercussions for their unlawful actions, we need to stop letting them off the hook.

“I’m proud to be joining my colleagues in the Senate and Assembly Minority Conferences to stand up and advocate for desperately-needed change to our criminal justice system. It’s imperative we take action now to reverse the unsettling decline of our state.”