Ra: Budget Works For LI Families, Businesses

Legislative Statement by Assemblyman Ed Ra (21st Assembly District)

I was proud to support the 2012-13 state budget, a fiscal plan that will not only keep but increase Long Island’s share of school aid, restore funding for hospitals and health clinics, promote pro-growth policies by investing in public projects and private enterprises which will create jobs, and prevent new significant tax increases on working families. The first early state budget since 1983, this year’s final fiscal plan is a great path forward for our families and communities on Long Island.

While lawmakers continue to make progress in restoring fiscal discipline, promoting job creation and trust, Albany has a long way to go to turn the tables on the longest recession since the Great Depression. Albany must redouble its efforts to deliver real and meaningful unfunded mandate relief to our local schools and municipalities. Our community should not suffer in the form of higher taxes and fewer services because of Albany’s spending addiction. I hope we can address these remaining items during this legislative session.