Statement From Assemblyman Jeffrey Dinowitz on Scotus Rejection of Challenge to 2019 School Vaccine Requirement Law

The Supreme Court of the United States has declined to hear a challenge submitted by anti-vax advocates against a 2019 law authored by Assemblyman Jeffrey Dinowitz which eliminated all non-medical exemptions to school vaccine requirements in New York.

ALBANY, NY – After the Supreme Court of the United States denied a last-ditch petition to overturn Assemblyman Jeffrey Dinowitz’s 2019 law to prohibit all non-medical exemptions to school vaccine requirements in New York State, Assemblyman Jeffrey Dinowitz issued the following statement:

“I am very proud that the Supreme Court has upheld our state law, both respecting our state’s right to govern itself as well as the underlying science which supports the core concept of vaccination. Widespread vaccination is essential in order to help keep people with underlying medical conditions safe against preventable diseases, whether we are talking about measles or COVID-19. Those who are opposed to vaccination proclaim themselves to be the protectors of liberty and freedom, but they are wrong. True liberty and true freedom come from knowing that our communities are safe against dangerous pathogens, and having confidence that your friends, family, and neighbors have all done their part to keep everybody healthy. Kudos to Solicitor General Underwood and the NYS Attorney General’s Office for continuing to defend this important law, and today is a good day for common sense, pro-science policies in New York.”