Dinowitz Re-Appointed As Chair of Committee on Alcoholism and Drug Abuse

Assemblyman Jeffrey Dinowitz was re-appointed as chair of the Assembly Committee on Alcoholism and Drug Abuse by Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver. Chairs are appointed every two years for a two year term. Assemblyman Dinowitz will chair the committee for the 2005-2006 term. This will be the Assemblyman’s second term as chair of this committee.

In his first two-year term, Assemblyman Dinowitz was busy as chair. He passed legislation; visited many alcohol and drug abuse treatment centers around New York State; conducted four hearings on different issues relating to alcohol and drug abuse; convened a roundtable on Medicaid funding affecting providers; and helped restore money to the alcohol and drug abuse field in response to the Governor’s budget cuts.

Assemblyman Dinowitz stated, "I am pleased that Speaker Sliver has re-appointed me as Chair of the Assembly Committee on Alcoholism and Drug Abuse. I believe my work benefits many lives affected by alcoholism and drug abuse. Treatment and prevention are vitally important. I believe we must ensure that every individual who wants treatment for drug or alcohol abuse gets it. Successful treatment positively impacts not only the individual seeking help but everyone around him. And treatment and prevention programs save the State countless millions of dollars."