Assemblyman Dinowitz Speaks at 32BJ Rally

Assails proposed health care cuts

Assemblyman Jeffrey Dinowitz announced his firm support of members of 32BJ at the rally on the steps of the Bronx Courthouse. Speaking to hundreds of members of 32BJ, Assemblyman Dinowitz stated that he supported the members in their efforts to win a fair contract.

Local 32BJ of SEIU is comprised of supers and doormen and doorwomen throughout the Bronx. The Bronx Realty Advisory Board (BRAB) contract, which covers 32BJ, is the single largest in the Bronx, covering more than 2000 workers in 740 buildings containing 140,000 tenants. This contract sets the standard for fair wages and benefits in the Bronx. Overall, there are more than 4,400 union members working in 1400 buildings in the Bronx.

32BJ is attempting to preserve employer paid health care, maintain retirement benefits and obtain a fair wage increase. 32BJ held the rally on Wednesday, March 9th to show its strength and resolve in fighting these proposed cuts by BRAB.

Assemblyman Dinowitz spoke at the rally saying, "I stand with the members of 32BJ. Many of you are my constituents and some of you are my neighbors. You provide good service and you should reap the rewards of the healthy real estate market here in the Bronx. What the Bronx Realty Advisory Board is proposing is outrageous. You do not get a decent wage as it is and have inadequate health benefits. I am here to tell you that I am proud to represent you in Albany and I support you in your fight for you to get a better deal – you deserve better"