Assemblyman Dinowitz Uncovers Rat Problem at Local Eatery

After receiving complaints from constituents, Assemblyman Dinowitz contacted the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene (DOH) requesting an investigation at a local fast food restaurant. He received several complaints from constituents claiming to have seen rats at that location initiated this concern. The DOH investigated and responded.

A Public Health Sanitarian from the Office of Pest Control performed an inspection and observed live rats, rat burrows, and an accumulation of rat feces in the backyard of the restaurant. These conditions are in violation of the Health Code pertaining to rodent control. The owner was sent a warning letter as a result.

The Office of Pest Control will perform a compliance inspection to assess whether these conditions have been satisfactorily abated. If the conditions do not improve, the owner will be summoned to appear before the Department’s Administrative Tribunal for a hearing and the Office of Pest Control will exterminate and/or clean the property as necessary.

"I am disturbed by any food establishment that does not maintain a clean place of work. This endangers the health of the people of our community, maintains a bad appearance and shows a lack of respect for the community by not maintaining a clean work environment. My office is in close proximity to this location so I am pleased to expect an immediate clean up of this matter. The residents of this community do not deserve to live nor eat under such conditions. All restaurants should abide by all health codes. I hope that if anyone witnesses any unsanitary conditions that they will contact my office," said Assemblyman Dinowitz.