Assemblyman Dinowitz Fights for Gun Control Legislation

Dinowitz leads effort to keep guns out of the hands of felons

Assemblyman Jeffrey Dinowitz supported a package of legislation passed by the New York State Assembly that protects children from firearms, limits the ownership of dangerous military weapons, and keeps guns out of the hands of criminals.

Firearms are among the leading causes of accidental deaths among children. To protect kids from guns, Assemblyman Dinowitz supported two key pieces of legislation passed by the Assembly. The Children’s Weapon Accident Prevention Act promotes gun safety programs and makes it a crime to store weapons carelessly when they are used in crimes committed by children. Another bill that Assembly Dinowitz supported would prohibit the sale of guns that lack safety features to minors.

Assemblyman Dinowitz has taken a leadership role in prohibiting criminals from possessing guns. Dinowitz was the lead sponsor of A.1170, which closes loopholes permitting convicted criminals to purchase handguns if they are given waivers by their parole board. Another bill passed by the Assembly increased penalties for illegal gun possession and improved record-keeping and employee training by gun dealers.

Other legislation supported by Assemblyman Dinowitz addressed assault weapons. One prohibits the sale of dangerous assault weapons and the exceptionally lethal ammunition they use, such as .50 caliber, explosive and fragmentary rounds. He also supported legislation that enhances the penalties for committing crimes with heavy ammunition.

Assemblyman Dinowitz stated "It’s time for the State of New York to take action to limit the number of gun deaths in our communities. It’s unconscionable that so many tragedies could have been avoided. I’m proud to be part of the effort to protect our children and make our neighborhoods safer."